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Alpine hotel in Jizera Mountains

To stay in a mountain hotel is a special kind of experience. The air around is just so much fresher and the views on the stunning mountains recharge your batteries like nothing else. You don’t have to go hundreds of kilometres to find a typical Alpen hotel surrounded by pristine nature and mesmerizing hills to feel the joy of leaving your worries behind. Your destination lies right under the Bukovec mountain.


The hotel was built and opened in 2015. However, it was September 2022 that was a key milestone for us as it was then when we took it as ours. And started working on providing you, our guests, with the perfect holiday you’re looking for.

Jizerka 4 -About us

Hotel Jizerka 4 is a perfect starting point for all mountain lovers. Whether you’re an excited cross-country skiier, biker or hiker, you’ll soon find out why is Jizerka so popular among all who like to rest actively and why they keep coming back. Tens of kilometers of maintained trails, tracks and paths lead literally around the hotel. We have a place dedicated to storing skiis and bikes and are always to happy to give you tips on your trips and endeavors.

The unwound mountain nature combined with the hotel’s character and amenities it offers is an ideal combination for everyone who desires to leave the city’s rush, get closer to nature while still enjoying comfort and relaxation.

Imagine lying in a hot tub under a thousand stars with a glass of cooled wine. That feeling cannot be compared to much. The sky in this part of Jizera Mountains is truly unique since astronomers and romantics come here to experience night sky that allows to see 5x more stars than you can see in a city. That’s why Jizerka is called the reservation of darkness.


Ondra and Martina

More than 30% of our guests come back

You won't believe it till you experience it.