Autumn weekend trip for two


urprise your other half with a romantic autumn weekend trip filled with exciting activities - such as hiking in colorful nature, taking pictures, relaxing in wellness, admiring waterfalls, or simply eating delicious food. What a way to spend a weekend instead of staying in bed and watching Netflix. Not that Netflix&chill is bad, but a change of scenery and shared experience will only bring you closer. Don’t postpone and make time for the person you love now. Plan the trip that will create memories you two can hold forever. We’ve prepared the trip for you so you don’t have to spend hours on research.

Explore the tranquil settlement of Jizera

You’ll see many faces of the Jizera mountains. On one side you’ll see deep spruce forests with the mystery of peat bogs and ponds, on the other side you’ll see unceasing waterfalls and rock lookouts with views of the autumn landscape. You’re accommodated in the most picturesque village in the Jizera mountains. Take advantage of that and have a romantic stroll around.

Journey to the waterfalls

Take a walk to the Jedlová waterfalls which are one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Jizera Mountains. Park your car in ‘Josefův Důl’ and then walk to the ‘gateway of the forest’. You should follow the blue hiking trail. On the way, you’ll see 3 waterfalls but the best one is waiting for you at the end. The third one is 5 meters high and with a flow of 200 liters per second, it offers a truly attractive spectacle. The magic of the waterfall is enhanced by its almost perfectly vertical profile.


Make sure to wear sturdy shoes. This path is definitely not suitable for strollers. At first, the forest path is comfortable, in the higher parts it turns into a rocky and root-covered path, which is replaced by a wooden walkway at the end. It takes about 1 hour to get to the last waterfall, then you go back on the same route.

Climb up to a rock lookout ‘Ořešník’

If there’s nothing holding you back, hike up the autumn forest bursting with leaves as colorful as Monet’s palette and enjoy the beautiful views down from the Ořešník lookout.

And it’s not just the views, but also the granite rocks and giant boulders, waterfalls and gorges.


You’ll start at Hejnice parking lot and then follow the red hiking trail to the top, to the turn-off and the path to the rock lookout Ořešník (800 meters above sea level). At the turn-off you’ll find an information board and a bench to rest on. From the Ořešník lookout point, you’ll return to the red marker towards the Velký Štolpich waterfall on the Černý Štolpich stream. From here continue downhill on the yellow trail along the system of rapids and waterfalls until you reach the green trail. That will lead you back to Hejnice.


time: 3h 30min

length: 9 km

Rainy day spent in Liberec

Not every day is made for hiking. We all know the feeling of waking up in a cozy bed and not wanting to step out of the room. Nor bed. We promise that if you walk downstairs, it will be worth it. Because you get to enjoy our delicious breakfast. After that, it’s your choice. You can either stay up in bed and enjoy our wellness or go explore. A buzzing city life, coffee shops, restaurants, and other sights might lighten up your day. There’s always something happening in the city. Make a visit to the 5th biggest city in the Czech Republic – Liberec.


We’ve got you covered when it comes to tips on where to go in Liberec. Firstly just stroll around the city center where you’ll see the historical landmark – the Liberec town hall you’ll find on the square of Dr. E. Beneš. Then go have lunch at Bistro Široká, where they offer a different selection of meals every day. After filling your belly l, it’s time for a good cup of coffee. Try the locally roasted coffee at the DOK coffee shop. It’s quite a unique place you can actually find on an old train station platform. It has this really industrial feeling. You can buy their freshly baked, homemade bread as well.


Though the mountains are off the table today, you can still enjoy some sporting activity. Take your swimsuit and go swimming in the Liberec Aquapark Babylon. Make sure to visit the biggest landmark of Liberec – the Ještěd hill. You’ll find a restaurant located on the top, inside the tower. You must try their homemade shortcrust apple pie with whipped cream.  It also serves as a hotel and a television transmitter. The building is in the shape of a one-piece rotating hyperboloid and it was built between 1966 and 1973. The shape of the tower represents the logo of the city.


You don’t have to worry about dinner. Come back to Hotel Jizerka 4 to enjoy the evening wellness and have dinner at our restaurant. We offer dishes only made from high-quality ingredients. Warming up at the end of the day with a bowl of soup is the kind of hug you didn’t know you needed.

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