Surprise your sweetheart in Liberec


his is your guide if you’re running out of ideas on how to spend a fun time with your dearest one. Liberec is the perfect destination for couples because it has plenty to offer whether you’re hungry for adventures or just want a calm time for yourself. Browse through the top things to do in Liberec and make your loved one happy with a surprise trip.

Real flight simulator

Has your partner ever dreamt about becoming a pilot splitting the sky in fighter aircraft? Well, eventually dreams come true. Give him a chance to feel Maverick from the Top Gun movie. Try the flight simulator together. You can choose the legendary jet fighter MIG-23 simulator or the airline DC-9 simulator, or even both. The original cockpit from the American plane will give the most realistic experience of flying in the cabin. And inside the fighter jet, you’ll get a chance to combat enemy aircraft using R-3S missiles. This is a truly unique experience that your partner will remember forever. Visit the Real simulator website for more info.

See modern art in a museum that used to be a spa

The majestically looking Regional Gallery was originally built as a municipal spa but it houses modern art now. The gallery is known as the Museum of European Arts, as it preserves more than 21 000 works of art from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands and other European countries. Spend here a couple of hours while discovering the captivating paintings from the 16th-18th centuries and conceptual modern art pieces.

See luxury cars from the 20th century

The Botanical Garden in Liberec is the oldest in the Czech Republic. The complex of greenhouses that look more like crystal palaces conserves a rich collection of exotic plants. It will make you feel like you’re in the jungle. The place is truly magical and romantic. Don’t leave it without taking a photo of your partner with all this splendid scenery in the background. You can check the opening hours and the ticket info here.

Take a romantic photo in exotic gardens

Who doesn’t love luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce or Cadillac? There’s a place in Liberec where they’re waiting for you to be found – the Technical Museum. Here is displayed the collection of cars, motorcycles and locomotives dating back to the 20th century. Besides that, there’s an industry section devoted to the textile industry technologies, which played an important part in the development of the Liberec region. Old trams, locomotives and other ancient means of transport are also presented. Old car fans just must visit this place.

Eat dinner above the clouds

Are you looking for a place for a romantic dinner? You can’t find a better place than a restaurant at the Ještěd Tower. It’s located on one of the highest Liberec hills above the clouds. You’ll be surrounded by views of the mountains from all sides – the Giant Mountains in Poland, the Jizera Mountains northeast and the Bohemian Paradise landscape in the south. Czech traditional cuisine with a gorgeous mountain panorama, your dinner in Liberec just can’t get any better! We strongly recommend you book a table in advance.


How to get there: You can either go there by car and park your car in a parking lot below the tower. Then walk for 13 min to get to the top. Or take the Skalka chairlift. The lift will take you safely to the Ještěd Ridge in a few minutes and then you’ll walk about 30 min to Ještěd tower. If you’re craving a challenge, go on a 2 hour hike from the foot of the mountain with 500 meters elevation. You’ll definitely deserve the homemade apple pie that’s waiting for you at the top.


Pro tip: Ještěd Tower is an especially nice place to watch the sunset. 

So, what have you picked up? We’re already jealous of your future trip. Take our tips and make the most romantic memories in Liberec.

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